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How I Research and Come Up With Popular Blog Post Topics

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Keyword research is pretty outdated; what you need now is topic research: popular topics that people are actually searching for.

So, in this post (and video), let me show you how I personally look for topics in my niche that people are interested in.

In the video, I discuss four different ways that help me come up with topic ideas:

  • Topics from my experience: Things I’ve personally struggled with
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • SpyFu (using competitor research)

You can use Ubersuggest instead of SpyFu, if you’d like. However, I personally prefer SpyFu.

Quora and Reddit are free to sign up and use.

SpyFu comes with a limited free version, but I highly recommend upgrading to a paid version. At the time of writing this, they’re offering a mega discount, so the time is ripe now if you want a lifetime $9/month deal on SpuFy.

[Note, this is available only when you sign up for both SpyFu and RivalFlowAI free trial. If you do not want RivalFlowAI, make sure to cancel RivalFlowAI subscription only before the trial is up. That way you will still be able to keep using SpyFu for only $9 per month.]

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